18th May

This was the first meetup that I had fully organised from speakers to venue, food to marketing.  PIenty to keep me busy over the past few months so I am pleased to report that everything went without a hitch.   This event was kindly sponsored by the IT Women’s Council (ITWC) at Credit Suisse.

Martijn Verburg – @karianna

Martijn presented on a Java developer’s guide to performance tuning.  He introduced the Performance Diagnostic Methodology (PDM) which focused on how quickly to hone into the root cause of a bottleneck and what steps you can take to fix it.

Martijn Verburg presenting on "A Java Developer's Guide to Performance Tuning"

Martijn Verburg presenting on “A Java Developer’s Guide to Performance Tuning”

The ‘Diabolical Developer’, Martijn’s alter ego, took us through the different tactics that one can take in order to enhance their application which I will definitely be using.  Some of them are listed below:

  1. Know what your ACTUAL resources are
  2. Logical and physical architecture diagrams – draw them
  3. Have a measurement at each entry and exit point into your architecture
  4. What’s your CPU doing?

Franziska Sauerwein – @Singsalad

Franzi talked us through Software Craftsmanship and how it aims to raise the bar of Software Development.

Franziska Sauerwein presenting on an "Introduction to Software Craftsmanship"

Franziska Sauerwein presenting on an “Introduction to Software Craftsmanship”

She took us on a journey of being first taught to program without using a test environment.  She then realised that every time she changed a line of code, this could lead to bugs that might break the function of the system.  This was a very stressful way to work and was not maintainable.  She then discovered Software Craftsmanship and this has led to where she is now.  Working in this community “taught her how to study and teach, how to be humble and brave”.

The Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship can be seen in the above photo; this is a representation of the values within the community to “portray professionalism, technical excellence and personal responsibility”.

Thank you to our speakers and to all those who attended.  Hope to see you all soon!